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In addition Penny Emberton-Brooks is also trained in Orthotics, e.g.

Orthotics helps to relieve pressure areas and relieve pain.

Bespoke Orthotics is now available - please contact us for details of the Session Fees

Nutritional Therapy

Nutritional therapy is an holistic therapy where the body is addressed as a whole, diet can have a dramatic influence on the body and is a natural approach to health and wellbeing for everyone.

What Nutritional Therapy is not!

Nutritional therapy is not a magic wand, nor is it a ‘quick fix’, although some benefits, for example, from balancing blood sugar, will be felt quite quickly, but responsibility and dedication are required from you the patient, so that you may feel the benefits. It is no good mopping up the water that is overflowing from a sink if the taps have not been turned off first!

The body is an amazing, wonderful complex organ, which has the ability to self heal, even with the abuse from poor nutrition, environmental toxins in our food and in the atmosphere, alcohol consumption, cigarette smoking and lack of exercise. It is often many years of withstanding all or some of these things before the body starts to show any signs of illnss.

The body is like a finely tuned engine of a car, with some of the parts of that engine working independently and some working in unison, in order for the car to go, but for any of those parts to work independently or in unison they need fuel, and if a lower grade fuel is put into the engine, it would go but not as well as if it is filled with premium grade fuel. However, if the completely wrong type of fuel is put into the engine, it may run for a short while, but will soon stop, exactly as if diesel were put into a petrol engine or visa versa.

The food and drink that we consume is our fuel, containing vitamins, minerals, enzymes, water, amino acids (building blocks of protein), carbohydrates and fats, collectively known as nutrients. These nutrients, although differing in their form and required amounts, are involved in all bodily processes that keep our body going, and a deficiency of these nutrients can cause one part of the body to start malfunctioning, thereby placing pressure on other parts of the body, and eventually causing the whole body to break down, just like the ‘domino effect’.

It is therefore essential that we eat a healthy diet, thereby strengthening the immune system, improving our health status and sustain the body’s harmonious balance in the way that nature intended, and allowing our body to heal and regenerate itself, what you eat can change your life.

Nutritional Therapy FEE STRUCTURE


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Herbal Medicine




Jane qualified in Reflexology in 1995 but wanted to  understand in greater depth what actually causes imbalance and disease and to expand her clinical and diagnostic skills. In 1998 she became a student of Herbal Medicine at Middlesex University and graduated with honours in 2002.

Herbal Medicine uses plant extracts from roots, leaves, flowers, bark and fruits to treat medical conditions and physiological disorders. The Art has been passed down through generations and has been extensively studied and tested. Herbal Medicine can be used along with or instead of conventional treatments and is a safe and very effective way to treat disease. Because Herbal Medicine uses whole parts of plants, rather than isolated compounds, side effects are rare. We take an Holistic approach to illness and the function of the whole person with the aim to support the body and treat the cause of the problems as well as the symptoms.

For appointments please contact Jane direct on 07904 234066.



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